About us

Chris & Tom



In the past few years both have made their mark in the adventure/ wilderness field of Sweden. The survival team guides adventurous guests through the swedish wilderness since many years. Whether

in winter at  - 35-45 degrees with snow shoes in the Fjäll, at ice-

fishing, husky adventures etc., or in summer when canoeing, wilderness trekking and much more, with Chris and Tom you can

feel safe and in good hands.


Years of experience and education in the medical and athletic field

are the basics of both guides.

Adventure tours with Chris and Tom stand for life, fun and unforgettable impressions of the nature.


Their slogan: "Even the furthermost way starts with the first step,

first do the necessary, then the possible - and suddenly you can accomplish the impossible!"




Rike is a physiotherapist and comes from the small Göttingen in
Lower Saxony. She made out for the World and in particular started
to explore Scandinavia and now she is stuck in Sweden.


If it is not walking in the woods or sailing the sea on a sailboat, she
sits at her laptop and writes articles for various websites. Among
them for her own, which she has baptized "Schweden und so".


And because she is so happy to write about her favorite country
she takes charge now of the content of our newly created blog her
on Schweden Aktiv.de.







Experience float tours
with Schweden Aktiv

…or rent your own float and
take control of the course yourself!

The pure nature is waiting
for you!

Further details about this new event can be found HERE!



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