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Experience float tours
with Schweden Aktiv

…or rent your own float and
take control of the course yourself!

The pure nature is waiting
for you!

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Your incentive at Schwedem Aktiv and your life will change

When you travel with colleagues and employees it is first of all about teambuilding. Team spirit, understanding and assistance are the basics for an adventure in the form of a company trip. Get to know your own limits and those of your colleagues here.

Schwedem Aktiv is looking forward to your arrival. A beautiful nature and breathtaking scenery, as well as the wilderness are waiting for you.


After arrival, we will meet for a first get-together around the campfire with hearty food and learn about the program of the up-coming week.

Day 1 will already reveal the team spirit of the group. After a healthy and balanced breakfast we will get on the mountain bikes and head out for a tour.  Get inspired by the pure wilderness and relax in the middle of this amazing scenery of lakes and trees. Motivation and empathy are needed for the team now. Help and assist each other, no one is left behind. “One for all, all for one!”



Together we are stronger than alone

The second day will be a little wet. Not because of rain, but because we are heading out on the lake with the canoes. Get impressed by the amazing scenery of lakes, which is found only in Sweden. Team spirit and solidarity is also needed here. On the daily job you may have worked opposite each other, but here you have to work together. Redefine your TEAM and prove that you are the Best. Observe the wilderness and maybe discover beavers, wolves, bears

and moose. This exciting day will be long remembered with a team grown together.


On the third day, it is time to get some rest. Relax your mind and body, talk about the adventures, you have experienced so far. Understand and interact with each other. A company trip increases the motivation and the team spirit and thus also the professional ambition.

After this trip you will interact with each other differently and be more successful in what you do.


The fourth day is the kick-off for a 3-day-tour, which we have prepared you for. It will reveal how good you can work as a team over a longer period.

Grab your Mountain bike and off we go into the Wild.


Completely exposed to the wild, you will stay in simple wooden cabins. You will take care of the campfire and the food on your own. Here, you can demonstrate your team spirit, and how much you have grown together over the past days. Everyone knows his job and is eager to do it. A company trip with Schwedem Aktiv will not only change your professional life, but also your private life in so many ways.



Good Bye with filled hearts


On Day 7 the trip concludes, but the memories will stay. You will receive a CD with pictures taken during this trip. Look at these pictures together to revive the team spirit again and again.

The program of the week can be adjusted individually.


Doing a company trip is a step into the right direction. In our fast-moving times, interaction,

motivation and team spirit are often forgotten. Success will only be of short duration, when everyone thinks only about themselves. Schwedem Aktiv offers you the chance to change this.

Accept the challenge and experience the adventure of your life with a well-planned incentive in Sweden.



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