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Experience float tours
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The pure nature is waiting
for you!

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  • Fjäll Hike

    Fjäll Hike

    This hike offers you a special closeness to the nature of Sweden. Preparing food is done on an open fire. In a community of like-minded people, this mountain hike is an unforgettable experience.


    Enjoy and marvel at the same time

    The shuttle will take us to our starting point. The backpacks on our shoulders and off we go up the mountains, into the Fjäll. Here we cross the most beautiful and most charming National Park in Northern Europe.

    Our hike takes us through narrow paths alongside rushing rivers and streams and brings us to our destination, the mountains; out here is only silence, accompanied by a sense of freedom.  We prepare a hearty snack on an open fire in an old Trapper’s cabin.

    This tour is guided.

    It is possible to make this a multi-day tour (extra charges apply).


    Price per person: 69,- €


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  • Mountain Bike Tour

    Mountain Bike Tour

    After breakfast, every participant will receive a short briefing and off we go.

    Our route takes us along beautiful mountain bike trails through an impressive, wide and open landscape.


    Just enjoy this fun day. An unforgettable tour through the forests of Dalarna, and maybe you will encounter some rare animals.

    A hearty snack and beverage will be provided.




    Price per person: 69,- €

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  • Canoe Tour

    Canoe Tour

    A canoe tour  with Schwedem Aktiv will be an unforgettable fun event for the entire family. After the briefing we group together in teams of 2-3 people, who fit in one canoe each. Waterproof tons are provided to store our personal belongings and keep them dry.

    And off we go onto the waters.

    We float along the waters and enjoy the beauty of the wilderness and the amazing flora and fauna of this country.

    The canoe tour will be remembered for a long time, for sure.


    Enjoy the landscape from a different perspective

    We are heading to a small island, where we start a camp fire and prepare some Swedish coffee and a typical snack: bread on a stick with herb butter.

    Stroll along the island, go for a swim, take a sunbath or just enjoy the silence. After the break we board our canoes again and head back towards the camp. This tour is also suitable for children.



    Price per person: 69,- €


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  • Wilderness-Safari


    Our shuttle will take us into the forest, to explore peaceful trails and places.
    Our main focus is on discovering moose, bears and wolves, which are at 
    home here. We do not want to disturb, just simply explore and enjoy. Our goal is the top of the mountains.


    This Safari is a true wilderness adventure which will take you into the Wild, and the nature of Dalarna is just perfect for this.

    This tour offers you great photo opportunities.

    Snacks will be provided


    Price per person: 69,- €


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  • Waterfall Hike

    Waterfall Hike

    Experience a holiday full of adventures in Sweden. We offer you a very special hiking tour: Discover Sweden’s highest waterfall „Njupeskär”

    The shuttle will take you into the woods, to the National Park “Fulufjäll”. We will visit the Naturum, an exhibition about the flora and fauna in this area, and we will watch a film about bear encounters.


    Inhale the impressions

    Afterwards we will hike to Sweden’s highest and most beautiful waterfall, which is called Njupeskär. On our way back we stop at an old Trapper’s cabin. Where we start a camp fire, and we will prepare Swedish moose sausages and coffee on the open fire.



    Price per person: 69,- €

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  • Kolbullar BBQ

    Kolbullar BBQ

    This is your chance to try the typical and original Swedish Kolbullar.

    In our own original BBQ-Kota we will start the open fire in the middle, heat up the cast-iron pans and and fry the special bacon, the most important ingredient, over the flames.


    When the bacon gets crispy it will be covered with the special dough. Kolbullar are served with Lingonberries. This traditional dish was invented by the lumbermen back in the old days.

    Enjoy this delicious dish in an authentic and cozy atmosphere.

    Softdrinks are included.


    Price per person: 29,- €


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  • Horseback-Riding


    Horseback-Riding in Sweden is sure to be great fun, and you do not have to do it alone.

    Pick your horse, saddle up and start your ride into the Wild. Explore this great nature from another perspective. And if you are lucky you may even encounter a moose.


    Prices on request



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  • Flamed-Salmon Event

    Flamed-Salmon Event

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    In our BBQ-Kota we will prepare the traditional Swedish „Flamed Salmon“. On special wooden boards over an open fire the fresh salmon will be gently cooked and smoked, to an incredible unique taste.

    In an authentic and cozy atmosphere this is a true Swedish experience.

    Side dishes and soft drinks are included.


    Price per person: 34,00 Euro (ab 4 Personen)

Schwedem Aktiv offers the right holiday for everyone. Just pick an event which fits you and experience an unforgettable time. Get impressed by the Swedish wilderness, that is what we are all about. We do not know boredom here and you will enjoy your time to the fullest. No matter whether you are travelling alone, as a couple, or with a group we offer exclusive programs, which you can assemble and combine yourself.  Find your event and use your time at Schwedem Aktiv to the fullest.


Enjoy the fascinating landscape, get inspired, meet new people and visit the great lakes. Take a canoe tour through the the wilderness and meet animals you only know from television.

Book your summer events individually as you wish. Bed and breakfast accommodation are starting from only 50,00 EURO per night. Children up to 12 years get a discount of 20% on all offers.

You can also rent a fully furbished and equipped apartment or vacation home and cater yourself.


Schwedem Aktiv offers simply everything your heart desires.


We take care of everything

Should we be forced to cancel an event, we are not able to refund it, but however we will always try to find a replacement, or just postpone it to another day. Flexibility is very important to us, we care about our guests.


All of the following events can be selected and booked  individually, and may also be part of some holiday packages:


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