Summer holidays in Sweden at Schweden Aktiv


Schweden Aktiv offers summer holidays of a special kind. Experience the wilderness Sweden and gather new impressions which won’t be forgotten easily. A trip to Sweden during the summer is an exquisite experience and offers you everything you wish for.

This vacation is divided in two weeks. One week is being guided and full of adventures through Schweden Aktiv and the other week can be used independently. Explore the wilderness Sweden with its beautiful animals. Take a close look at moose and enjoy the imposingly appearance of such graceful creatures.

You will spend the first week of your vacation at the Resort right at the lake. Additionally to your overnight stay we offer a generous breakfast buffet in the morning. You can also use our big kitchen which is equipped for self-catering.


We make it possible!

The adventure can start with Schweden Aktiv. You have the opportunity to organize your days however you like. There is no pressure, do as you like.

How would be a fishing adventure or a hike to the Fjäll? You can go on a canoe tour, swimming, sunbathe at the lake, carve wood, have a bonfire or whatever you feel like – everyone will find their dream vacation. Our team is available for every one of our guests.

We provide everything you need for your summer vacation – either canoes, mountain bikes, horses for your riding trip or fishing rods for a relaxing day at the lake.


Establish new friendships and enjoy the landscape

These two weeks are a little predesigned. We will go north into the wild. Cooking over an open fire and fishing. The motto is pure nature. We will hike to a mountain cabin and go on some great hikes through the Fjäll. This week has everything included – breakfast, lunch and dinner which we will prepare together.

Experience a summer vacation in Sweden at Schweden Aktiv. Just relax or burn off your energy. Establish new friendships and learn the power of a team. This vacation is perfectly suited for single-travelers or groups which are eventually working together. We offers everything you can imagine.



Experience float tours
with Schweden Aktiv

…or rent your own float and
take control of the course yourself!

The pure nature is waiting
for you!

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