Winter Events

Schwedem Aktiv is a well-known specialist when it comes to adventures in Sweden. We show you the wilderness of the country, the amazing nature at your feet. Our name Schwedem Aktiv stands for exquisite programs and offers. Enjoy the individual events and adventures we have to offer.

You can combine and create your holiday individually, as you like. You can rent a vacation home and cater yourself. It is completely equipped for that.

Explore the wilderness on your own or take part in one of our tours. Join us for a day tour or a multi-day tour. Schwedem Aktiv offers extraordinary Winter events.


All of the following events can be selected and booked  individually, and may also be part of some holiday packages:

  • Snow Scooter Tour

    Snow Scooter Tour

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    Discover the wilderness by snow scooter. We provide everything you will need. Hop on and discover the Winter Wonderland of Sweden. Feel the fresh winter breeze in your face, while this tour takes us through the snow covered forests and across frozen lakes and rivers.


    Every participant rides an own snow scooter, helmet included.

    Fuel will be charged extra.



    Price per person: 169,- €

  • Snow Shoe Hike

    Snow Shoe Hike

    Our shuttle will take us 40 km into the wilderness. The snow covered winter landscape will amaze you. Upon arrival at the National Park “Fulufjäll” you will receive your pair of snow shoes and poles, followed by a short briefing about this tour. And off we go into the the Fjäll.

    We hike 2,5 km through the snow covered fairytale-like forest, towards a fascinating natural spectacle, Sweden’s highest waterfall “Njupeskär”, which will be completely frozen in winter.


    An amazing panoramic view, which you will not forget. We will take our time to enjoy this unique and beautiful sight.

    On our way back we will stop at an old wooden cabin, where we will start

    a warming campfire to prepare original Swedish moose sausages and hot beverages.


    This tour is guided.



    Price per person: 69,- €


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  • Icefishing

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    Icefishing with Schwedem Aktiv is always an unforgettable experience.

    When Dalarna’s water landscape is snow covered and frozen, it is time to go icefishing! Try your luck, to catch your own pike out of the ice.


    We will walk across the frozen lake to find our perfect spot, where we can drill the fishing- holes through the thick ice. Equipped with your own icefishing-rod you can try to catch a fat pike from the deep waters underneath.

    The caught fish will be directly prepared over an open fire on the frozen lake. We will also prepare hot beverages and bread-on-a-stick.




    Price per person: 39,- €


  • Torch Hike

    Torch Hike

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    A special experience is our torch hike at night-time.

    The hike takes us along old forest trails through the deep snow.

    This torch hike offers you the chance to experience the amazing Swedish winter nights, when there is nothing but silence.

    Hot beverages will be provided to heat yourself up.


    Price per person: 19,- € (inkl. Fackeln)


  • Kolbullar BBQ

    Kolbullar BBQ

    This is your chance to try the typical and original Swedish Kolbullar.

    In our own original BBQ-Kota we will start the open fire in the middle, heat up the cast-iron pans and and fry the special bacon, the most important ingredient, over the flames.


    When the bacon gets crispy it will be covered with the special dough. Kolbullar are served with Lingon-berries. This traditional dish was invented by the lumbermen back in the old days.

    Enjoy this delicious dish in an authentic and cozy atmosphere.

    Softdrinks are included.


    Preis pro Person: 29,- €



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  • Snow Hike "Fjäll"

    Snow Hike in the Fjäll mountains

    This hike takes you into the mountains – the Fjäll.


    The great panoramic views, the untouched nature, the wide and open landscape of Sweden and the freshest air you can possibly breathe. All this and much more will make this hike an unforgettable adventure.

    The hike will lead us to an old wooden cabin in the middle of the wilderness, where we will heat up the oven and serve snacks, before heading back.

    Enjoy this great hiking tour and get inspired by the nature.



    Price per person: 59,- €


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  • Husky Tour – Sled Dog Tour "Trapper"

    Husky Tour – Sled Dog Tour "Trapper"

    Get to know the mushing lifestyle!

    This sled dog-tour will show you the countryside of Sweden from a whole new perspective.


    Take the challenge to drive your own team of dogs.

    Experienced mushers will always be at your side and guide this tour.


    We will take you to the Husky Farm, where we first familiarize with the dogs before heading out. You will get a first-hand impression of what the life of a musher looks like. We will have a guided tour around the farm and you will be instructed by experienced mushers, who will show you how to handle the dogs and the sled. After everyone has been assigned to an own team of dogs, the adventure is about to begin.


    Hear the loud howling choir while the dogs are excitedly waiting for the start signal. And as soon as they are off, all you can hear is happy dogs panting and the fresh powder snow crunching under the paws and the skids of the sled.


    Especially impressing is the energetic charisma of these gentle dogs. Use this energy to rush through the amazing Swedish winter scenery.


    In between the tour we will do short stops from time to time, to give the dogs and ourselves some rest and to recharge our energy. After several hours out on the sled we return to the farm. And the best pay off after a hard working tour for the dogs is always a good cuddle by the humans.


    This exciting day ends around the campfire where we can reflect this great experience together.

    This is a true adventure in the wild that will be remembered forever.



    Price per person: 169, - EURO

    Children up to 12 years: 139, - EURO

    Musher-Jumpsuits and snow-boots can be rented as well:
    10, - EURO per item


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  • Flamed-Salmon Event

    Flamed-Salmon Event

    In our BBQ-Kota we will prepare the traditional Swedish „Flamed Salmon“. On special wooden boards over an open fire the fresh salmon will be gently cooked and smoked, to an incredible unique taste.

    In an authentic and cozy atmosphere this is a true Swedish experience.

    Side dishes and soft drinks are included.



    Price per person: 34,00 Euro (Minimum 4 participants)

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  • Skiing in the Fjäll mountains

    Skiing in the Fjäll mountains

    Dalarna offers great ski slopes and so you can enjoy a fun ski holiday here.

    The impressive landscape of Sweden attracts tourists each year, in Summer as well as in Winter time. Where do you find the finest powder snow, if not in Sweden?


    Experience a great ski trip, which you will never forget. Scandinavia is known for its great ski areas. The popular winter sports area of Sälen is not far from our wilderness camp and invites you to explore the four most popular ski areas, Lindvallen, Högfjället, Tandådalen and Hundfjället with 109 slopes. The slopes are well prepared and well-lit. The complete equipment for Alpine Skiing, Snowboard and Cross Country Skiing  can be rented on site.



    Transfer to the ski-area

    Price per person: 29, - EURO (minimum 4 persons)


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