1.1. With your booking on the basis of our (online) brochures you offer the binding conclusion of the travel contract with us. The booking can be carried out verbally, in writing, by telephone or online. The travel contract is concluded with receipt of the travel confirmation/invoice sent by Schweden Aktiv AB.


1.2. If you do not have access to our general terms and conditions for travel contracts, when booking by phone, we will send them with the travel confirmation/ invoice. If you do not contradict them within a period of 10 days of receipt, (for last minute bookings, i.e. 10 days or less prior to departure, immediately), the travel contract will come about to these conditions.


1.3. If the content of the travel confirmation/invoice differs from the content of the booking, we are bound to this offer for 10 days. The contract is concluded on the basis of this new offer, if you explain the acceptance within this time limit, which can be done through deposit or payment.


1.4. Please notify us immediately if you have not received your travel documents from us at least 7 days prior to arrival. In this case, we will send the travel documents immediately, if payment was already provided. If you do not notify us, and you will not be able to travel due to missing travel documents, we will handle this as paid cancellation.



2. Payment


2.1. Within 10 days after receiving the confirmation/invoice, please pay the amount shown on the travel confirmation/invoice (or on the accompanying payment slip).


2.2. If payment is delayed, including a reasonable grace period - unless the grace period is not necessary - Schweden Aktiv AB is entitled to withdraw from the travel contract and evaluate the calculation of cancellation costs according to paragraph 6 of these general terms and conditions for travel contracts.



3. Services

The amount of the contracted services arises only from the details given in the brochures and other documents for the respective tour description by Schweden Aktiv AB, and from the details of the trip itinerary taking reference in the confirmation.



4. Cancellation by the customer (cancellation costs) and replacement participants


4.1. The customer can cancel prior to arrival at any time. Crucial is the time of receipt of the cancellation by Schweden Aktiv AB. The customer is recommended to declare the cancellation in writing.


4.2. If the customer cancels the contract (cancellation) or does not arrive, Schweden Aktiv AB is entitled to demand claims for the travel arrangements and incurred expenses. Schweden Aktiv AB may summarize its claims, in consideration of the following classification.


The cancellation costs per customer:

up to 30 days prior to arrival 30%

29-22 days prior to arrival 60%

21 days or less prior to arrival or No-Show 80% of the travel price


The date for calculation is the date of receipt of the cancellation. The percentage refers to the travel price and will be rounded up to full Euro each.


4.3. Until the beginning of the travel, the traveller may request that a third party steps in as a replacement with the rights and obligations arising from the contract. A fee of 20,- EURO per customer will be charged. Schweden Aktiv AB may oppose the replacement, if he/she does not meet the special travel requirements or legal and official regulations. In the event of the transfer of the contract the original customer and the replacement participant shall be liable as joint debtors for the travel price and the processing fees.



5. Cancellation and termination by Schweden Aktiv


5.1. Schweden Aktiv AB may withdraw from the contract prior to arrival or cancel the travel contract after commencement of the travel in the following cases :


a) without advanced notice, if the customer effectively disrupts the implementation of the tour despite a warning from Schweden Aktiv AB or if he behaves contrary in such a way, that the immediate cancellation of the contract is justified. When Schweden Aktiv AB cancels the trip, it is entitled to claim the travel price; but Schweden Aktiv AB must pay off the value of actual not made expenses, as well as of those benefits, arising from a repurposing of the services not utilized.


b) up to 3 weeks prior to the agreed arrival, if the minimum number of participants, stated in the itinerary is not reached. The customer will be informed immediately by Schweden Aktiv. Schweden Aktiv AB may submit an alternative offer to the customer. If the customer does not accept this, the already made payment will be reimbursed.


5.2. Regardless of this, Schweden Aktiv AB as well as the customer are able to cancel the trip due to force majeure in accordance with § 651 j BGB.



6. Insurance


6.1. A travel cancellation insurance is not included in the travel price. We recommend purchasing a travel cancellation insurance and  additional insurances, if relevant.




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