An adventure tour to the highest waterfall in Sweden
day trip

Experience an adventurous vacation time in Sweden. We offer you an experience tour of a special kind. With our Schweden Aktiv Mobil, we travel across the forests of this breathtaking country. Our path takes us to the Fullifjället National Park. We take a detour into the Naturum. On this adventure tour you will get to know the flora and fauna of Sweden. In the wilderness cinema we watch a film together about bear encounters.


Absorb impressions forever

Then we go on a short hike to the highest and most beautiful waterfall in Sweden. This natural spectacle is called Njupeskär. Back at our starting point, we make a campfire in an ancient trapper hut and grill original Swedish moose sausage. We also provide coffee from the fire.




Price per person: 950 SEK*


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*Prices depend on the daily exchange rate

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