Husky tour "Trapper" - 3 to 4 hours

The most important means of transport for hunters was dog sledding. Immerse yourself in exactly this time and enjoy a husky tour. Fresh snow is waiting for you, crunching under your paws and runners. The husky tour shows you the country from a completely new perspective. The energy that these huskies radiate is particularly impressive. Use this power and cover distances that you would never have reached on foot. You would have missed a landscape that is as impressive as only Sweden has to offer. In just one day we explain to you how these bundles of energy are conducted and what demands they make. You will receive all instructions for the husky tour from us and from the mushers, who are always by your side. Steering the team is a real challenge. Accept it and enjoy the husky tour with Schweden Aktiv.

The dogs are eagerly waiting for the start. Listen to the howling of the huskies when they ask you to finally give the "Go". When the team gets in motion, you can only hear panting and this unforgettable sound of crunching snow.


We start to the husky farm with the Schweden Aktiv Mobil. There you can take a look around and familiarize yourself with the dogs. The second day begins with a professional briefing. The sledge is explained to you in detail and of course the handling of the huskies. Once all two-legged and four-legged participants have become friends with each other, it starts. The snowy and partially untouched wilderness of Sweden will overwhelm you on this husky tour.



In between we take breaks, take care of ourselves and the dogs and enjoy the nature of this country without speed. After many hours in the winter landscape and on the sledge the cozy part begins. Sled dogs love to be cuddled and petted. This is the best reward that can be given to them. Cuddling and petting is the end of this husky tour with Schweden Aktiv.



In the evening, we lit a campfire in the middle of the glittering snowy landscape. Now let's indulge in the memories of the day. The dogs are looked after and may have also find a place by the warming fire.

Exchange your impressions and save them in your memories. The husky tours with Schweden Aktiv will linger in your thoughts for a long time.
After this relaxation, the transfer takes you back to the base camp. The husky tour is unfortunately over now.


Price per person 2500 SEK*

Price per child up to 12 years 2000 SEK*


If required, special musher overalls and shoes can be rented for 100 SEK* per person.



2-hours-Husky tour

Price per person 1500 SEK*

Price per child up to 12 years 1300 SEK*


If required, special musher overalls and shoes can be rented for 100 SEK* per person.


Kanutour   Kanutour

*Prices depend on the daily exchange rate

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