Canoe tour with Schweden Aktiv
day trip

An unforgettable canoe tour with Schweden Aktiv! After an instruction, we form teams of two or three, each team gets a canoe. Waterproof bins are packed and then - go! We glide through the water and marvel at the wilderness of nature. Enjoy this untouched landscapes and the flora and fauna of this country. The Schweden Aktiv canoe tour will surely remain in your memory for a very long time.


Enjoy the landscape from a different perspective

We head for an island, light the campfire and prepare Swedish cooked coffee and enjoy the typical stick bread with delicious herb butter. Walk around the island, go swimming, sunbathe or just enjoy the tranquility of Sweden. After that we go back to the canoes and return to the base camp. This tour is also suitable for younger visitors.




Price per person: 950 SEK*


Kanutour   Kanutour

*Prices depend on the daily exchange rate

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